Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suff's Southeastern Breakfast Burrito

I know, it's been a little while since I posted in here!  I am in the midst of learning howto be a decent manager, getting out new poses, learning more photoshop techniques, 3 house changes, AND... AND...  Hunt for Your Inner Slut final preparations are WELL underway!!!  Yeahhh, baby, new adult-oriented hotness!  I am in AWE that there are so many stores that want to be part of one of my main SL-dreams: running my own hunt and introducing people to some amazing stores and creators:)
And somewhere in the midst of that, trying to have a wee bit of a lovelife...LOL

Needless to say, I am not putting an SL pic of me cooking this time around again...  I need to finish doing decor and making my house into a home so it's ready for specific pics like this:)

So, today I bring you one of my main staple breakfast meals.  I got this recipe from a diabetic recipe website believe it or not, when I was having severe kidney issues, and I was in shock at how good this is.  The hash brown works as a filler that absorbs the flavor of everything else in the dish, so it not only tastes good but fills you up.  Very rarely do I need more than a very small lunch later on after eating this.  You can spice it however you want to by adding more or no hot sauce and by selecting a salsa in the heat index you can handle.  I tend to go for a medium salsa myself.

Little kitchen hint:  Onions and bell peppers freeze quite nicely.  I keep a freezer baggie of a mix of diced onions and bell peppers in my freezer, so I can just grab a handful and toss them into this and spaghetti sauce and casseroles....

So without further ado...  an open version so you can see the amount of filling this makes, and a closed version as I normally plate it to make it look appealing to me:)

((P.S. All measurements in this one are the "old-fashioned" way....  make it according to your own tastebuds, as this is very versatile:)  ))


1 tablespoon unsalted butter (you can use regular, but I go low-sodium in this house)
Diced onions and Diced sweet bell peppers (about a small handful of a mixture of them for me)
1 frozen hash brown or a handful of Tator Tots (minced potatoes formed into small cylinders and frozen)
several mushrooms diced (optional)
1 egg
Hot sauce (I use about 5-8 dashes of Tabasco, depending on my mood)
handful of cilantro (called coriandre/coriander outside of the US), minced
1 flour tortilla (I used a big one for this one, since that is what I have this time.. but normally, I use a smaller one and stuff it)
Salsa to taste.


Put skillet on medium heat.  melt the butter, then add the onions, peppers, hashbrowns and mushrooms.  Sautee until the potatoes fall apart into small pieces and brown along with the veggies.
Crack egg into skillet and lightly scramble it into the mix, until it looks like a very scrambled omelet:)
Add in hot sauce to taste, and minced cilantro/coriander, and mix it well, heating everything through.
Roll up Tortilla into a paper towel and sprinkle the paper towel with a TEENY bit of water.  Warm up tortilla in microwave for about 30 seconds.  VERY carefully unwrap (so you don't burn your damn fingers), place it on plate and arrange filling down center of tortilla as shown.
Add salsa to taste on top of filling, then fold over one side then the other, and flip carefully.  Pour a little salsa on top for more flavor.


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